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About Perl Fitness

We are a professional, elite, fitness studio located in New York City in Manhattan.

Orignially from San Diego (CA), we have years of experience in outdoor sports and recreation to make HIT workouts fun and impactful. We are an avid group of health enthusiasts and experts from all across the world bringing a wealth of diverse knowledge and training programs to the city. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you achieve your dream body and wellness goals.

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Meet our Team

We come from around the world
...but mostly California



Strength Training Trainer

Teresa, our strength training instructor, is from Cardiff, Wales (England) with a Masters in Health, Science, and Nutrition and an avid cycler and professional lifter. She is our trusted expert in all things weight lifting.



HIT/Boxing Trainer

Kimberly, our HIT/Boxing instructor, is from a small beach town in San Diego, California called Encinitas. She has a background in martial arts and boxing with a professional background in MMA training.



Yoga Trainer

Olivia, our certified Yoga instructor, is from Santiago, Chile and brings a wealth of knowledge as a professional yoga guru and nutrition expert. She's traveled all around the world abosrbing many different styles and programs.



Strength Training Trainer

Adam, our Strength training instructor, brings a wealth of knowledge as a 2x national heavy lifting champion from California. He's traveled the world as a former Navy Seal and now focusing his passion as a body building champion and trainer here in New York City.



HIT/Boxing Trainer

Ryan, our HIT and Boxing instructor, is a San Diego local who made the ambitious move to New York City. He specializes in nutrition and high intensity interval training with a strong focus on all things boxing.



HIT Trainer

Amber, our HIT instructor, is a Los Angeles, CA local. She specializes in high intensity interval training and nutrition.



Pilates Trainer

Tami, our expert pilates instructor, is a San Francisco native. She specializes in yoga, pilates, and barre.

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